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The end of next year, the subway will have 4 new line segment to add operation, course hands in operation course of development to will achieve 300 much kilometers. The reporter receives world gain 600 days from the “ that municipal government held yesterday major project advances the know on congress ” , this city is great project is being advanced in order according to established node, shanghai subway forms the target of pattern of operation of 400 much kilometers before will solid disgraced gain. At the appointed time course exchange increases substantially by station name a person for a particular job, density, balanced to active network more hasten is reasonable optimize. Active network is specific line jam, removed bigger wait for a problem, also will get changing certainly, network effect will more more highlight.

Next year of two paragraphs of ” adds two lines of “ operation

In the “ that municipal government held yesterday 600 days of major projects advance the gain that receive a life in speech of congress ” communication, explain connect a group to disclose about chief: To the front of the end of next year, will realize the subway north of 11 7 lines, lines paragraph, and 8 lines 2 period with 9 lines 2 period in all the enlightened operation of 4 new line segment, at the appointed time the operation course of development of Shanghai subway will achieve 331 kilometers. In addition, still will complete 2 10 lines, lines by the plan east 7 lines north is outspread, outspread and 13 Xian Shibo are special paragraph construction work, of hand-in-hand travel in advance debug. According to the plan, to 2010 the Shanghai before world rich will have 11 course to hand in circuit to throw operation, the circuitry that join movement achieves 400 kilometers.

It is reported, build circuit to will be done more the consideration that human nature turns, let a few blemish that already existed in operation circuitry get be improvemented effectively, for instance trouble-free the development of service facilities, toilet, business form that will combine a station considers as a whole. At the appointed time, the passenger will get more perfect with excellent service.

4 course hand in a line to serve Yu Shibo directly

As before world rich 11 circuitry the network operation of 400 kilometers, the course of Shanghai hands in network general more develop. Among them 13 lines (world rich paragraph) , 4 course such as 4 7 8 lines, lines, lines hand in circuit to will serve Yu Shibo directly. At the appointed time, 7 lines will be the line of “ world rich on real significance ” , way of stand of station of district of station of the riverside Jiang Yaohua of 7 lines, long clear way, boast China, cloud stands 4 stations are direct the station that the rich that it is a world serves. 7 lines are perforative from east to west of area of world rich garden, inside garden area series connection has world gain special paragraph, 8 lines circuitry of 2 north and south, it is to join 6 4 lines, lines realize world rich passenger flow to carry the main line of action. Adopt 7 lines and its change, the tourist can arrive at the random inside area of world rich garden a station, and realize area of world rich garden and track route network connect quickly. Meet as world rich east gate, 7 lines still will be in Gaokexi district station and 6 wires transfer. Because 7 lines share 2 change inside area of alive rich garden,stand, and in Gaokexi road and Dong Anlu part reach 4 wires transfer with 6 lines, because this will assume main passenger flow scattered task. Line of 6 lines Pudong in Gaokexi the road stands and 7 wires transfer, also area of garden of will alive rich east the gate assumes heavier change passenger flow.
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