Is price of house of demand VS cost hit where to fold ceaseless price bottom lin

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Is price of house of demand VS cost hit where to fold ceaseless price bottom line to be in?

The Hangzhou building city with so-called house strong price, greeted a special year this year, shake not only under the 8 discounts that fold come on stage, and thick as hail. In the downtown of “ all wool and a yard wide ” modern city rolls out Lou Panye wind 7.8 after folding, at depreciating this the “ of the fort of “ epicenter ” collected Cheng Debao ” to also begin to hit the travel that fold, 7000 yuan when its give out / the price of square metre is to achieve apparently gave 9 fort floor dish new low. Have development business is thoroughly disappointing: Did not play, fell to go up to this, how to still follow?

Business of a development says frankly: The influence of modern city, depending on this not just is another follow-up hits the floor that break only dish, the advantage a sector of an area of its downtown, the coordinate origin of more indicative Hangzhou building city, when this the center begins no longer firm, the blow that hope of town of whole Hangzhou building gets, it is tremendous undoubtedly.

On one hand, hit the floor that break dish express in succession: “ this is us can the discount of susceptive lowest, already after all. ”

And on the other hand, the person that buy a house people psychology anticipates, appear to just beginning. The discount of “ former building is returned can so dozen, 8 fold, 7 fold, next can still 6 is fold? Look etc again. Mr ” Mr Wu plans to buy room marriage formerly, follow girlfriend come to an agreement or understanding now, hire room marriage first.

Development business claims “ price sees bottom ”

The development business that rolls out source of special offer room in succession people, claim oneself house price rebate has obtained a bottom line.

Wild wind is contemporary city 3 period contemporary Jing Yuan 150 7.8 break indulgence house all valence, 18900 yuan from before / square metre drops 14900 yuan / square metre, an unit price of lowest wants 11900 yuan only / square metre, every square metre depreciates almost 4000 yuan. And this building dish in front two period secondhand the price of the room is in 15000 yuan / square metre above. Relevant controller is in before rolling out favourable discount, express helplessly: This price that we roll out “ this, be again cannot low really, true already after all. ”

And before the bank is in north and south on the west roll out lowest 7 when breaking special offer house, when earth of Chen Yan of president of cause of buy of stylish north and south, ever also had said similar word: “ cannot again low, this price basically is protected namely now this. ” lowest 7 after folding, building of this city north dish lowermost unit price has 8800 yuan only.
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