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Chinese estate association a few days ago submit a written statement to a higher authority an estate policy adjusts a proposal, content includes: Allow local government proper motion to help city; Reduce estate to trade to wait for …… about tax rate (on September 24 " 21 centuries economy reports " ) .

Come for years, in room assist it is ” of sturdy “ market group. Every time house price rises, when price of house of interpose of skill of government of common people hope, in room assist always appear personally object, reason is house price contradiction of supply and demand causes rise, administrative interpose will be screwy signal of market price case, accordingly house price issue can be solved only by the market. Still remember in August 2007, house price rises greatly, when socially again demand government strengthens the voice of macroscopical adjusting control, be medium brightly of Fang Xieqi banner emphasizes “ administration interpose be just the opposite to what one wished ” .

Answering however “ 30 years of rivers east, 30 years of rivers on the west ” this adage. Estate market attacks and defence easy situation. And in room assist also suddenly change one's identity, from “ market clique ” turned “ government into interpose clique ” , this one provide comedic colorific change to be able to 't help letting a person quite suddenly be enlightened: Mix besides profit so besides the interest, without what principle unalterable.

In room assist the one each that is estate business treats an organization, it appears personally to talk to develop business, perfectly justified. The key of the problem depends on, its long-term health that suggests to whether be helpful for Chinese real estate really develops?

My answer is negative. Reason depends on the market that at present estate market of China is a morbid state. Current Chinese real estate has gone after the living need of contented countryman no longer, and became a kind of net investment stage by stage, it is congenial tool even. As the United States second the influence of a variety of elements such as the outbreak that borrows the crisis, the anticipation that people appreciates to estate no longer, congenial capital begins to escape estate market, foamy burst also make use of condition is in inevitable.

At this moment, governmental just should let the hand ” that this “ loses sight of the market produce effect: Those are purpose estate with the spec business will be fallen into disuse to go out bureau, live come down, will be those solid build a house for the countryman, the honesty that gets reasonable profit develops business. Crossed this to close, estate market of China just may become healthy market. The room in if the government is true,be like assist place moves to help building city please, so those who be protected is those do agreeable to develop business instead.

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