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In room assist the purpose of the proposal is very clear, namely family of section of band of make use of improves housing condition for, try to let a government loosen the restriction that borrows money to 2 flatlet, will achieve continue to encourage partial person to fry the end that sells a building to push tall house price thereby, achieve development business interest and financial security from this more close together bind, will threaten a government infinite “ ensures ” its sudden huge profits. If in room assist get adoption about the proposal that loosens loan restriction, the building is fried sell will rebound once more, building city bubble can blow bigger more, finally, the interest that develops business is to be protected, but the room of the bank borrows risk coefficient to rise greatly however, final likelihood pushs national economy and financial orgnaization Xiang Yue to jump over hazardous condition, the government has to maintain high vigilance to this about the branch.

Well-known, current estate clinchs a deal of the quantity continuously considerably coast, germ depends on house price breaking through the public to bear far ability bottom line, people is helpless the choice polls with the foot. Also because of such, the current situation that wants public of house price Yuan Chao to consume ability only cannot get a change, no matter how is the adjusting control of periphery begun with undertake, to development business interest redeem and character, will be to wind a day feebly. What Yi Xianrong points out researcher of institute of finance of courtyard of division of company of China of no less than, current estate market is small confused issue goes to go up in development business body, it is to developed business to make wrong judgement without recognize market situation.

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