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  Compere: Li Heyu arranges: Li Heyu

  Honored guest: Zou Yi 5 suit general manager of limited company of wisdom library adviser

Face dejected estate market, development business and a few local government had spread out “ to save oneself severally ” . And what pay close attention to more inside course of study at present is, whether can future have more and more advanced and other “ to save city ” measure to come on stage.

   Stabilize proceed with of building city fountainhead

  Compere: Look in you, does the maintains estate to clinch a deal to measure and stabilize room value normally “ that may the government hit further save ” of city shop sign to a few pieces there are?

   Zou Yi: The trades to measure and be stabilized room value with normal estate is great to the influence of whole economy, also be the mainest goal of governmental control market. Open credit to adjust a space, encouraging financing means diversification, superintendency estate to sell is the “ that adopts possibly etc measure of the ” that help city, but I feel to should be met shine, the step with stronger also feasibility is from fountainhead control land supplies rhythm, execute normal management, particular kind can include to stabilize land supply to anticipate reach balance land to supply speed.

The city of our country changed a standard 2004 about 40% , achieved unexpectedly to 3 short 2007 years 50% the left and right sides, chinese city will be changed henceforth still will with annual the speed of 1% is outspread. So, if appeared building town is bleak, the supply that should increase land appropriately will stabilize the anticipation of development business, also make future has lasting commodity house OK supply, clinch a deal to what did not come the action that measure and an amortize reachs since house price, also won't cause building city's big wave motion. In the meantime, fall to be absent to will be buried henceforth again flat an apple of discord, balancing land to supply speed also is very necessary. Master the whole nation how to many land was not used by development or is develop to use by small effect after all, take necessary action, change this one unreasonable condition.

   Stimulate demand do according to one's abilities

  Compere: Besides be aimed at outside supplying square a few measure, the market cares still be like why to spur demand, do you have He Jian to discuss?

   Zou Yi: I feel likely to spur market demand from two respects. Can adjust policy of loan of housing accumulation fund on one hand: The first, adjust ceiling of loan of housing accumulation fund; The 2nd, reduce housing accumulation fund loan head pays scale and loan interest rate, especially the safeguard sex housing such as applicable to buying economy room reachs 90 square metre of the following small family housing. Of course, the government is in when publishing relevant policy, should notice qualificatory checkup, want to guard a pass strictly, make the policy of loan of housing accumulation fund after adjusting can produce the biggest effect truly.
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