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  Shipment: Does normal buying and selling still break an arm to seek to live on?

From Lei Man brother announces to apply for to go bankrupt after protection, stand for war in what foreign capital invests China on market of field —— estate, come out one after another the message that orgnaization of the investment outside each sea plans to sell property.

From the point of the pertinent information of media exposure, lei Man's brother is appetent the business affairs of region of Shanghai Sichuan north that makes over its to have the equity of edifice of Lou Chengbang international, additional, its achieve the equity that waits for Chinese estate company to invest to produce change probably also to be in harmony of Zhejiang green city, Tianjin. And the brunt that Magenshidanli is reduction sale more it seems that, big rub building of house of the hack outside be hotel type apartment to be opposite was transformed to what buy between 2006 2003, summer of apartment, Mount Hua encloseds ground for growing trees in the center of mouth of home of the heaven and earth of bright and beautiful Lin of as above sea, land etc, be in wait for a good price to sell; Big rub subordinate estate fund sells Hong Kong property according to saying to already still began, include 5 hotels type apartment and in annulus is filled with buy edifice; To the world the share of 9% also is interested in center of round-the-world banking of Shanghai of the first high-rise no longer it seems that.

A few otherer the foreign capital that already devoted into Chinese estate market also is arranging contractive battle line it seems that. According to saying, the Singapore of business of motion of battalion of service type apartment with the greatest whole world is elegant poetic cabinet group is planning to sell a few items that buy before this, appetent avoid with “ for property supervisor from owner transition danger ” ; Still group of texture of Australian wheat style, United States spends banner bank to wait, the item of a few apartment that also sells its are in Shanghai of purpose.

“ is big rub because,do not meet the crisis of wall street, wake to be about to sell a building to answer the crisis overnight. ” is big rub Chinese area declares where one stands to media about chief, no less than before this big rub like be about to sell scope of operation of Lin of Shanghai bright and beautiful, this is normal market trades behavior. And big rub the estate fund that just connect collect of associate whole world and comes undertakes operating, although go out,carry out also is to should pass on investor above all, will change impossibly showing capital glom on to.

Though such, but the market thinks not completely so. “ to a property, abroad fund invests a cycle, 3 arrive 5 years, again costly pass on, it is very normal. Nevertheless, a few property just are bought now before long, plus it is to think ‘ it seems that one basket ’ moves, property is to complete investment not only apparently, still have other influencing factor however. ” has market analyst to say frankly.
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