Price of floor of center of Hangzhou office building begins to become loose

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During building city deepness is adjusted, A of 10 thousand divisions(000002.SZ) is in Hangzhou depreciate be just as cobble to enter water, arouse layer upon layer ripple. Afterwards Hangzhou gold becomes house property 3 years appreciation buys a house, after returning a house without reason, flames of war of ” of “ discount door burns downtown first degrees from periphery.

" daily of the first finance and economics " understanding arrives, zhejiang saves group of land agent wild windEstateInc. (next weighing that banner of ”) of house property of “ wild wind issues Lou Panye wind modern city 3 period “ is contemporary Jing Yuan ” , it is morning sunlight of Hangzhou urban district the building of surveyor's pole sex of area piece dish, the open quotation before a many month all valence is 18900 yuan / square metre. Arrive from September 26 on October 10, ” of “ contemporary Jing Yuan will roll out 150 flatlet source, the area is between 145 square metre of 80 ~ , it is entirely 7.8 fold, after folding all valence 14900 yuan / square metre, lowermost unit price achieves 11900 yuan / square metre. From this, be regarded as the price all the time the Hangzhou downtown of strong cornerstone building dish begin to become loose eventually.

Show according to website of government of wild wind house property, · modern city divides wild wind period development, first phase “ is contemporary elegant center ” already in September 2003 consign, 2 period total floor area of ” of center of “ contemporary name 180 thousand square metre, in July 2005 in succession group by group consign; 3 period 200 thousand square metre of total floor area of ” of “ contemporary Jing Yuan, by 8 24 ~ residence of 27 high levels and a building of 25 business affairs are comprised.

Yesterday, senior personage represents a landed group of Hangzhou place, of wild wind house property depreciate to affect Hangzhou building city greatly. On one hand, the owner of early days is shaken; On the other hand, this depreciates fire burned Hangzhou downtown already formally, in former days king ” caused the “ that gives other downtown Lou Panhe periphery apparently a lot of pressure of start working, price and sale.

To the interest of early days owner, wild wind house property makes public commitment, the owner that contemporary Jing Yuan had bought before will doing it compensates price difference, because of,do not invite these owner building dish of the price fluctuant get loss. The price difference that to depreciating sales promotion hind forms, wild wind house property states the basis the ego of these old owner asks to undertake compensating, old owner can choose a vehicle or the means of cash comes resumptive price difference.

ST wide mansion (in 600052.SH) and Zhejiang estate group limited company holds dish of hand twice to express to the reporter, hangzhou discount battle is burned more jump over flourishing, going up objectively built on stilts circumjacent “ in former days king ” , this lets its how develop vexatious problem.
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