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Line of business of afterwards north capital is landed (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) because Inc. depreciates Hua Yemei rares county

  Compensate owner 12.08 million yuan

Yesterday, one when be located in Hangzhou downtown is making work Lou Panye wind - contemporary Jing Yuan announces, from this month 26 days rise will roll out activity of large sales promotion, 150 flatlet source will with the 7.8 price sales promotion that lose. Meanwhile, the owner that develops business to already bought a house to early days provides compensation.

The “ compensation to early days owner, basically adopt one-time compensation cash to perhaps give value 18~20 10 thousand yuan car these two kinds of means, owner but optional means of among them a kind of compensation. ”

Wild wind - the salesperson of contemporary Jing Yuan says, if owner chooses cash compensation, compensating amount will be house original price and building dish the price of the price after convert into money is poor. For instance one former price 18000 yuan / the room source of square metre, the price after depreciating is 14000 yuan / square metre, chief commander of early days course of study gets 4000 yuan / the compensation of square metre price difference.

According to room of Hangzhou carry out transparent net shows, wild wind - contemporary Jing Yuan this year on August 1 since open quotation, gross in 353 flatlet source, betray a 25 flatlet the cause in all, in all 2895.93 square metre, already made work all valence is 18962 yuan / square metre, by 7.8 fold computation, the price after folding should be 14790.36 yuan / square metre. If already bought 25 early days owner of the room to all choose to serve as compensation with cash, house property of development business wild wind needs to pay 12.08 million yuan cash compensation at least.

   Developing business is Hangzhou mainland enterprise

Landed group public figure expresses, wild wind - after contemporary Jing Yuan depreciates, undertake to owner early days compensatory acts, it is this year since the first case of Hangzhou city. Before this 7 fold depreciating Hangzhou Lou Panna north - on the west although the bank ever disclosed, will undertake communication with early days owner, but did not use means of what kind of compensation clearly to offer compensation.

Mr Zhu shows layout manager, want to offer early days owner more price difference compensation so, basically consider development business is enterprise of mainland of a Hangzhou, want progress of Hangzhou of base oneself upon, the owner that must support oneself to early days before depreciate is explained.

In the meantime, the consumer that compensates old owner to also can buy a house to preparation with confidence, building dish won't cheapen again, although cheapen, development business also can give compensatory.

Wide mansion accuses a Qiu Guoliang of propagandist chief inspector to introduce, after before this 10 thousand divisions depreciate, the part returns a house not the owner of fruit is hit break a selling office, give Hangzhou estate trader the one class that attended to be moved greatly. Accordingly, hangzhou development business is being hit before folding, can consider the benefit of early days owner. Offer price difference of early days owner compensation, it is the precautionary needle with effective potion.
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