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In the 2/3 time that in “ gold 9 ” had gone, shanghai commodity house clinchs a deal the quantity is equivalent to only last year of the corresponding period two into.

Research center of bless power estate (below call “ bless power the newest report that ”) issues shows, up to on September 21, development business rolls out the source of commodity house house of seven hundred and fifty-seven thousand four hundred square metre in all this month, exceed August the supply of seven hundred and thirty-eight thousand three hundred square metre, the corresponding period clinchs a deal quantity only 292 thousand square metre, be equivalent to only last year the corresponding period one million four hundred and four thousand eight hundred square metre clinchs a deal of the quantity two into. The gold of the coldest a “ that this may make calendar year develop business to encounter 9 ” season.

As we have learned, in the bridal chamber source that rolled out September, besides the building that had depreciated August dish outside, most new-blown building dish although did not rise in price, but also did not depreciate apparently, because this causes the market wait-and-see mood is thicker. Xue Jianxiong of bless power analyst expresses, development business appeared it seems that September new round wait-and-see, depreciate no longer. Last week the supply of commodity house only one hundred and seventy-one thousand seven hundred square metre, annulus comparing glides 29% , sale outstanding achievement not beautiful makes develop business push dish of enthusiasm to glide.

The Shanghai area Lou Panzhong that bless power provides the basis is far two bays city is the closest clinch a deal all valence, at present Fang Yuancheng of this dishes of low layer hands in valence to already fell to 14500 yuan / square metre left and right sides, of high-level room source clinch a deal valence is in 15000 yuan / square metre left and right sides. In getting far of two bays city depreciate influence, art front courtyard also begins Pan Jingan of Shanghai area additional first floor recently dozen 8.5 fold.

But of Shanghai center depreciate building dish the posture that did not appear to diffuse apparently. So far, besides the 10 thousand divisions before this aureate elegant build, catchment of golden ground bay, not a few buildings with subordinate group of prospective Ji Dahua dish outside, the building that rolls out newly in September dish did not depreciate apparently act, recently a few weeks clinch a deal on pop chart, remain aureate elegant build, catchment of golden ground bay, did not come old face ” holds these “ most.

According to Introduction Xue Jianxiong, shanghai suburb loose river, fine the floor that reachs the area such as treasure mountain surely dish fall already appeared enlarge a circumstance, a few buildings that depreciate apparently dish sale status is pretty good. The 3 Hunan the four seasons that is located in Song Jiang spends a city, clinch a deal last week valence is in only 8100~8200 yuan / square metre left and right sides, relatively decorate a room completely before 11000 yuan / the quote of square metre has at least 25% fall, because this is in last week clinch a deal on pop chart row the first.
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