Lei Man closes down or collapse large quantities of China land agent

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Economic problem, occasionally the person calculates calculate as the day. I think great master won't expect, one returns all-powerful before a year, having the first-rate world-class stockjobber that runs a group, say to closed down unexpectedly, and hearsay Lei Man makes work in Chinese market upcast 30 billion dollar (2000 much RMBs) asset plans market fund. If hearsay is true, so this incident will be right at present already wide the Chinese estate market that lacks capital, bring the influence of one disaster after another, I reckon China has large quantities of one estate to develop business to will be washed out.

I ever was forecasted this year in July, because buy gas not to get together, the Jin Jiuyin this year 10 no longer, “2007 year of estate buckish those who change is 2008 of estate contemplative develop ” with the health 2009. See Lei Man's brother goes bankrupt now and crisis of wall street banking, I suggest a few want to develop business to be able to cry in what financing appears on the market outside the condition this year golden withdraw troops, need not waste application fee again, because foreign capital enters the apiration of Chinese estate this year already as Lei Man's brother go bankrupt and end, market idle fund will be absorbed by Euramerican low project. In addition, the footstep as the winter is closer and closer, the meeting buying gas on the market is weaker and weaker, catenary of a lot of estate business capital will rupture, chinese real-estate industry faces major crisis.

Actually, everybody can experience an adage —— that experiences China 10 years geomantic turn by turns, real-estate industry of China begins great progress from 1998, to the end of 2007, as it happens is 10 years, accordingly, the adjustment 2008 also is not accidental actually. China and most country are same, common people is to buy go up to be not bought drop, and the competition of the market is austere, survival of the fittest. If estate business of a few China still is not known hold an opportunity to raise money the word of hibernate capital, will be abandoned by the market 2009.

My estimation arrives from now next year spring, estate develops business general with this year of price of the beginning of the year 7 fold above to sell its product, the likelihood still sells the estate product with a few bad designs not to go out, and because did not enter Zhang, still do not have bank loan, will complicity a few put borrow a bank. The estate that stayed 2009 develops business, will be health and mature estate development business, and makes product, the innovation product that is maturity. Chinese estate should arrive 2010, after financial trend of events stabilizes international gradually, ability can have a batch of new heroes to appear!

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