Hind Olympic Games office building building city guesses house price will be ent

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Hind Olympic Games office building building city guesses house price will be entered another rise level

Walking along the argumentative all along of situation about market of estate of the Beijing after the Olympic Games is " benevolence person see benevolence, wisdom person see wisdom " . Have speculation of industry public figure, city of a tower over a city gate is in Beijing lasts insipid after 3 two months, its turn in times of " of the Olympic Games after " cold possibility or increasing.

Beyond question, in last few years, capital floor city was 2008 the person basically be benefited of the Olympic Games, no matter be commercial real estate, still be residential market, olympic Games concept theres is no lack of infuser. On a forum that held a few days ago in Asian news station, a few experts think, house price of the city and economic progress phase are close together and relevant, as the end of Olympic Games process, the urban progress of Beijing will reach a higher level, estate value also will as enter another to rise level.

This kind of opinion on public affairs is worth deliberate. Although house price is average,go with macroscopical economy on the meaning situation positive closes, dan Hong watchs economy to good do not mean house price rise. Since reviewing housing system to reform, real estate did not prevent foamy fracture in the process that commercializes ceaselessly, after labor pains, house price just is started truly before 34 years, rise in nearly two years of violent wind.

Next, from the point of the consumptive attribute of housing, the already allowed year of income high to reach ten yuan in 60 thousand yuan middle class of Beijing house price flinchs already was not to dispute a fact. Measure index to look than this from house value income, national hair changes appoint the report of economic institute shows, countrywide average level achieved 12.6 times 2005, of Beijing far on this. Tall house price already forced average resident farther to the growth of residential demand rein in, always take demand exceeds supply for the person of the thing often is equal demand at actual demand. Change an angle to say, buy a house to see the Olympic Games in Beijing little little, and infrastructure waits because of urban traffic after the Olympic Games complete all elements, come to Beijing the person of buy course of study can jump also cannot the final conclusion below absurd. After all, from the point of numerous research organization or the report that investigate an orgnaization, beijing is regarded as what countrywide appropriate occupies a town not to see more.

Moreover, from the point of the investment attribute of housing, risk of investment of capital floor city is bigger and bigger already. From hire carry out to look than coming, international is current cordon is 1:200, and of Beijing already exceeded 1:300, this means return rate of hire of house price deviate excessively long-distance, housing value by overmeasure, investment risk is increased, "Buy a room to be inferior to hiring room " .
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