House price falls the space is not large Chengdu building city

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House price falls " of city of building of not big Chengdu copies the space bottom " the right season or time

The world September day, building city

Wind and cloud is moved, autumn hand in can enter time, the personage inside course of study thinks, the room after two days is handed in meeting, will be a ” of wonderful “ diving match. In the discovery in investigation, face actually had dropped overt room value, many person that buy a house had begun to one's mind disturbed, the room such as “ is handed in can observe to the spot deciding again is to should move to buy a house first, the key is to want to understand house price to see an end. ” collect the gentleman expresses to the reporter. Actually, to the rational person that buy a house, the market is sensitive period not only can buy a house, and continuously after privilege of a few months, city of current Chengdu building is the inning that buyer “ copies bottom ” . On one hand, special population structure and population increase rate, make 25—40 year old have the demand that buy a house and the crowd amount of the ability that buy a house giant, market demand is exuberant; On the other hand, the land that did not come to the urban district to be able to be used at the residence to develop is quite finite, suffer the effect of traffic and environment, solve at all hard inside short time, and governmental program is the key develops outwards. In whole of city of current Chengdu building wait-and-see situation falls, price privilege is the directest edge tool. Below the time of opposite confine, space, privilege is before, buy the optimal opportunity of the room just about. Face spot Lin Lin always total favourable activity, what do you still wait for? Take “ fellow ” to copy a bottom to go!

Drop drop endlessly Chengdu building city, resemble outback stock market, becoming everybody to think 2700 a little bit is bottom when, already appeared at 2400 o'clock sadly however. House price is successive be issued to lower levels, the person that let buy a house produces such illusion: Want to have enough patience only, the time that await is enough long, house price is met lower and lower, till cereal bottom. Only at that time, just be the optimal opportunity that buys a house. Such idea does not have a fault, but the problem is, where is the bottom of Chengdu house price. Although with the apogee last year photograph comparing falls only 20% is control, wait for coastal city with Shenzhen depreciate extent is compared hard, but Chengdu house price already approached cost line ceaselessly however.

The expert thinks, advanced house price of a few years soares in tide, no matter Chengdu is to go up absolutely still rise speed, cannot compare with the coastal city photograph such as Shenzhen far, that is to say, although Chengdu house price also has the part with tall empty, but bubble is not big, appear impossibly Shenzhen in that way the case that reduce by half sells. The sale expert of company of a few representatives also tells Chengdu the reporter, with regarding house price as surveyor's pole at present 2, the building inside 3 annulus road dish for, the price that buys the land at the outset is not low, and because land is to pass “ action to pat,hang ” to be taken, the price and program requirement are open, these buildings dish cost calculates very easily come out, accordingly, 2, building of 3 annulus road dish although depreciate substantially, everybody also knows where the bottom line is. House price approximates cost should be depreciating bottom line, development business is impossible that negative profit develops a project. Although estate company pays back capital to develop a project, but such building dish how does character assure? Accordingly, house price falls again impossible also.
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