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The 5th garden 5 period essence of large family belt is decorated all valence 10000 yuan / square metre, anticipate under the person that buy a house

10 thousand divisions begin to use a price the conservative strategy that the low person that buy a house too anticipates on average. On September 20, the 5th garden 5 period first unit calculates value publicly, take clothbound to repair all valence 10000 yuan / square metre, and before calculating value, this project held by a definite date the activity of ” of “ price guess of half month, the average price that nearly 1000 person that buy a house guess is 10400 yuan / square metre, prep above 10 thousand divisions fix a price actually.

Still have “1 the 10 thousand privilege that send 50 thousand ”

As we have learned, up to till the price was announced on September 20, 10 thousand divisions were received in all come from network and project spot the price of nearly 1000 pieces of clients guesses voting.

The value is fair after showing, ms. Zhang shows the scene, this price is lower than expect, she is the unit that should buy a 3 houses originally, but after seeing the value that come out, had reconsidered now, preparation buys a 4 houses unit.

10 thousand divisions controller of the 5th garden expresses to the reporter: &The whole that first Ldquo; unit takes clothbound to repair all valence is in 10000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, and the price that guess client fills in is in basically 9000-11000 yuan / between square metre, whole all valence is 10400 yuan / square metre. And, 5 period when open quotation, the client still can enjoy ‘1 the 10 thousand buy course of study that send 50 thousand ’ plan privilege, should say this price expects the price under the client's psychology. ”

Dragon slope piece area large family price more hasten reason

The 5th garden 5 period slope of price indication dragon piece area value more tend reason, as we have learned, the town of Gansu of golden ground plum that making work at present takes clothbound to repair all valence 12500 yuan / square metre, essence of belt of high level of city of 10 thousand divisions is decorated after folding all valence 11000 yuan / square metre, both all prep above the 5th garden house of quadrangle of 5 period sky fixes a price.

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