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Li Yaozhi of former landed general manager says in Shenzhen, central Plains group is noted endowment 100 million yuan, basically be the battalion motion that is used at outback company. Shenzhen Central Plains is in 1-8 month still had small profit 2008, do not need to use afore-mentioned fund, and 669 yuan cash is to assure the normal operation of whole group only. He also thinks, be in building city downturn, holding cash is acting company survives really the fundamental condition of development, but be not is only condition, cash more is the actual strength that indicates a company and market force.

Liang Wenhua of president of world China real estate thinks, at present development business is faced with “ cash to be the circumstance of king ” really, because the pay back period of capital is long, and expenses is larger, roll development needs many fund reserve. “ intermediary has cash to lay in more is a kind of preparation that anticipates to prospective market. He says ” .

3 class market still has half an year at least low fan period

At present expert to Shenzhen building city go situation, think generally to still have longer low fan period. Jiang Shaojie of general manager of 3 class market estimates business ministry of Shenzhen of property of the couplet that occupy the United States, from the point of the history, 10 every years economy can have a fluctuant cycle, from the point of current condition, 3 class market returns Shenzhen at least those who have half an year is low fan period.

Then, how the consensus that broaden sources of income and reduce expenditure has made intermediary trade with maintaining basic management. What can see each intermediary at present is general measure opening a source included to sell new dish, market of development Hong Kong, carry out new business type to wait, reduce expenditure measure included to shrink shop, cut down the member of persons employed, reduce administrative expenses to wait. As we have learned, some intermediary to save expenditure, company high level is away on official business to also want a course to examine and approve, cannot go out at will.

“ is in show level, cost control is very important. ” Jiang Shaojie says, beautiful couplet takes a shop now cost of hire of can more consideration, also meet to a few area with be managed more difficult decisive exit. Resemble be in last month, beautiful couplet exited outside Shanghaiguan market completely, because outside Shanghaiguan is new dish push dish of volume big, and depreciate range is very big, the impact that this clinchs a deal to 3 class is bigger. This kind shuts outside Shanghaiguan shakedown, the choice is in inside Shanghaiguan is stabler a cloth dot strategy that the area continues to spread, can make sure the company is managed continuously in downturn.

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