Decisive battle of ferry city real estate develops business fall whether Wang Zh

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Decisive battle of ferry city real estate develops business fall whether Wang Zhe returns

Experienced the vacuum of the cool, Olympic Games first half of the year, in September, the final turn that October made warm city of land agent skill. And the room that is about to appear makes the opportunity that also can offer one show one's skill for land agent. According to " building city " reporter understanding, the new, rich force, answer ground much home land agent in including is brewing estate market recommend fall. The 2008 buildings city of concentration that recommends vivid kinetic energy to deny warm iciness; Pass through the promotion activity of profusion numerous chaos, who can ride absolutely dirt, get run the second half Cheng of Tianjin estate market; Face the estate urban district with heavy anything that misleads people to fasten the there is few visitors in the imagination, " building city " the reporter was visited platinic palace of the city on new city, rich force city, of the open sea beyond the littoral zone is new in including the center of building of several carry out such as artery, although not be holiday, but its are hot degree or person are astonied. See be used to 7, cool August building city, much some rarer to the heat before incommensurate.

To buy Mr Zhang of an appropriate house, many selling offices just ran during the Olympic Games fortunately. The building that Mr Zhang says Tianjin dish although look house price,did not drop, but development business already began to covert depreciate, business of a lot of development begins to send clothbound is repaired or send parking space. Look in him, right now although the price of building city is not a nadir, but still can accept for him to be badly in need of a house.

And the idea of lady of another ginger of the person that buy a house is disparate, in the communication with her the reporter discovers, her desire that buy a house is not strong, just want to know eye anteroom value go situation. Ginger lady says, the end that she buys a house is the living condition with him existing improvement. In the communication that depends on personnel of carry out building, she alludes for many times whether can “ house price still fall ” , look in her, at present the estate market of Tianjin returns the moisture content with constant presence, perhaps next year the beginning of the year just is the optimal opportunity of buy course of study.

Although buy a house person the idea that has each each, but we discover, land agent people a few recommend attracted one part customer really with activity yielding benefit the enthusiasm to building city. And of Tianjin building city gradually get warm again after a cold spell also the abidance with countrywide building city is cool formed bright contrast.

Change according to national hair appoint the data that publish, july the whole nation 70 big in urban house price rises compared to the same period 7% , continue to appear go up a posture of fall after a rise of month by month. At the same time house price adjusts urban limits to expand somewhat, july, 70 big in house sale price of the city shares 17 cities annulus than dropping, was 16 in June, and there are 4 only in May.
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