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Nie Mei Sheng thinks, in the light of estate market active and relevant policy has the “ that points to clearly to build character ” to have operation sex more, the likelihood becomes “ to help the breakthrough drop of city ” .

“ and before cover many aspects amend dissident, this build character to point to revenue issue explicitly. ” Nie Mei Sheng says to our newspaper reporter. The situation that this chamber of commerce thinks “ looks anteroom real estate is in ’ of ‘ weak city already very clear ” , right now, the policy that “ published to accuse building city hurricane urgently last year ought to be changed somewhat, among them the most important is secondhand the specific levy scale such as the tax cost of the room and land value added tax cuts down ” .

Estate tax cost is cut down advocate tone

Nie Mei Shengceng thinks “ loosens money is the key ” that this policy adjusts, she is in this one argument to had been cast frequently June piece. Later, her Ceng Yin appears on the market to there is estate first half of the year the company issues debenture, and the IPO of estate company is examined and approve also on the rails, judging “ money to become loose thereby is not to loosen bank credit only, can adopt other measure to shake money ” . On ” of travel of prairie of “ of forum of estate of a huge legendary turtle of rich of not long ago, she thinks: When “ does not have unlocked evidence tardy in estate monetary policy, estate is fiducial tool of this kind of finance may appear before the end of the year breakthrough, probably land policy also can be on the move with rural land for breach, adjust somewhat immediately afterwards. ”

In a few places director branch has been been opposite after relevant policy undertakes ” of “ fine tuning, with “ the ” that help city builds character relevantly to need apparently more clear point to. 19 days, below the incite sb to do sth that concerns a section in the State Council, the assemble of an in-house informal discussion that chairs jointly by countrywide business association and estate chamber of commerce the whole nation that comes from Gansu Province, Tianjin and Jiangsu, Zhejiang is large famous appear on the market company, and of many provinces city medium or small estate company and local chamber of commerce. Shi Ge of SOHO China president Pan and Ren Zhijiang of president of Hua Yuan group are covered inside.

Chamber of commerce of a few places mixes “ room assist, and large company submitted written report. The State Council understood a situation already adequately on the conference that day about the branch. ” Nie Mei Sheng says.

The enterprise that comes from other province city represents pair of cess Wu branches the problem of a few executive levels offerred think of a way, and chamber of commerce is Baconian piece more macroscopical, have a few problems of maneuverability in countrywide level. They at present estate all tax cost were combed, specific even computation gave duty to expend place to occupy the scale that develops cost. The problem that the enterprise reflects generally is: The impact that thinks land value added tax is managed to the enterprise is the biggest, at the same time estate trades the taxation of link also ought to decrease moderately.
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