Beijing builds appoint: Run reform property the system

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Beijing will publish regulations of property government government as soon as possible, the healthy progress that is property service industry provides legal safeguard.

According to Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on September 23 report, beijing construction committee will come on stage " Beijing is uptown owner congress and owner committee guidance are regular (try out) " , beijing builds committee chairman Sui Zhenjiang to express, be in before run system by traditional building to commercialize period of property management shunt, beijing is in carry out fulfil 2007 " law of right of matter of People's Republic of China " " property regulation " on the foundation, begin to study the governmental regulations that Beijing property manages according to the special situation of Beijing, content includes owner plenary meeting hold water with run, property service and safeguard, management of early days property and property precinct region differentiates etc.

Sui Zhenjiang still says, of this policy coming on stage basically is to be aimed at current contradiction to compare outstanding, society to mirror strong owner mass rally to establish committee of difficult, owner to run non-standard, supervise hard wait for a problem.

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