New politics cause building city chain-reacting small family poverty gives rise

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9·27 room is borrowed new politics carry out, caused the chain reaction of building city, not only the respect such as price of land market, supply demand relations, house got bigger impact, the design of residential product also produced very big effect, small family product plays case become body, foreign room product has 2 syncretic, villa to also come add trouble to, but meanwhile, suffer effect of policy of the 2nd flatlet, also arose a series of problem, borrow in the room new politics during carrying out a year, the design change of residential product also got the attention inside course of study.

Change Lu of slippery iron of 1 small family experience

9·27 room is borrowed new politics come on stage, give a building city undoubtedly overhand a heavy-duty bomb, and small family still be the first to be affected, the impact is the biggest, get effective the fastest also. Borrow from the room new politics after carrying out, small family price still continues below inertial action strong period of time, but begin to give now to fall subsequently, partial project encountered slippery iron Lu, relatively slow-moving. The room is borrowed new politics to small family model investment is immediate blow, many consumer cannot accept the interest rate that buy a house to rise, invest small family no longer then model.

In Dongguan just left and right sides of popular half an year, face the policy of 90/70, many development business think flexible, will the two small family in covering get through or string, comprise complete in large family product, the ideal in 51 open quotation 0769 took the lead in rolling out this kind of product, also be in later the 100 projects such as Yue Shangcheng, aureate Hua Ting appear. But according to new policy, as mortgage those who buy a house to increase, head paid proportion increases, and interest rate of the 2nd flatlet also increases, this makes consumer cannot be accepted.

Change 3 give acreage increase

Borrow in the room new after politics fact inflict, to make consumer can enjoy the policy of housing consumer loan under 90 square metre better, many development business fluctuate in the design of the product in succession kongfu, the design is had tall give rate, high utilization rate, it is the product that has taller sex price to compare.

Change 4 apartment change body office building

From last year the beginning of the year begins, the small family of Dongguan supply ceaseless enlarge, borrow from the room new politics after carrying out, many small family face greater sale pressure, to be sold better, utility of change of partial small family project plays change personally.

The Hilton that appeared a few days ago square is among them a model, this building dish by original 5 apartment instead residence of 3 business affairs is mixed 2 office building. Office building is better than apartment now sell, the price is higher also, have partial building naturally dish hit change the idea of the body. The room is borrowed new politics changed small family model supply demand relations and yield, make ” of poverty gives rise to a desire for change of partial project “ .
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