The winter austral house face did not have sunshine in Feburary

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Owner Mr Liu enters the discovery after bridal chamber, because of all round the keep out of the building, building daylighting is affected, solstitial around does not have the bedroom austral face and sitting room two months sunshine. After Mr Liu is sued, development business passes reconnaissance, admit existence lighting problem, but express, it is the construction that undertakes according to construction program design at the outset, and the building already was checked and accept through complete, they do not have responsibility. The court passes cognizance, also affirm development business does not have fault. Both sides does not have fault, can who comes to the loss assume?


  Solstitial around does not have the building two months sunshine

March 2004, mr Liu and in sea company signs contract of commodity house business, a when be located in mountain villa of ripples of Haidian Ou Feng when company of the sea in was being bought develops period room. In May 2005, after Mr Liu undertakes checking and accept to the building enter formally. Be in winter of of the same age, mr Liu discovers however, because suffer all round the keep out of other building, the bedroom south its housing face and sitting room do not have sunshine two months in solstitial around, daylighting gets the influence of older rate.

Because of building lighting problem, mr Liu and in sea company has negotiation, the requirement gives solve, but both sides fails to reach unanimous opinion. After this, mr Liu appeals to to Haidian court, company of the sea in the requirement recoups loss of its daylighting power 100 thousand yuan, the building devalues cost is reached 50 thousand yuan without sunshine heating gas and extra pay 50 thousand yuan.

   Develop business

  According to the program design construction does not have fault

After this case is accepted by the court, sea company passes on-the-spot reconnaissance in, the daylighting that admits Mr Liu building is affected certainly really. This company shows, cause the building of keep out of daylighting of Mr Liu building to be located in a building to with east side, the building is the building inside village of maple ripples mountain villa to, side building belongs to another village east, and this village has existed at maple ripples mountain villa is built.

Sea company thinks in, they are in process of carry out room had pursued the design of the building paper, door model reached paste of relevant program procedures to be in announcement column. Below this kind of circumstance, mr Liu chose this flatlet house of one's own accord. In addition, they are the construction that undertake according to construction program design, and the building already was checked and accept through complete, the lighting problem that accordingly they exist to this building is unaccountable. As the proof, the license of construction project program that this company showed maple ripples mountain villa to the court and project complete are checked and accept put on record watch.
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