Buy a room to send golf membership

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The moment that buy a house sends luxury to perhaps go abroad swimming is a person of extraordinary powers curtilage consistent gimmick, but a few extravagant way of life also are becoming a person of extraordinary powers this year curtilage of sale add gift. The personage inside course of study expresses, this kind of extravagant way of life is the identity is indicative, still have the appeal that comparative so.

   Buy a house to send golf membership

The house that “ buys 251-600 square metre is added send 600 thousand golf membership. ” a few days ago, the reporter sees peninsula of billow musical instrument makes such ad. This building dish Xie Yongzhong of industrial general manager expresses seaside of rich of development business world, wealthy person likes to play golf, peninsula of billow musical instrument is proximate field of Sha He golf, as it happens has this advantage, think of to send this golf membership so.

He still states owner can use agreement of sanded river golf to expire all the time, namely 26 years. He says they still held the near future golf tournament, many intent clients attend, “ looks now the result is right ” .

   Meeting membership already also became houseboat sale heat

According to reporter understanding, this year June, the house on bank of the East China Sea of 10 thousand divisions once had undertaken villa sends houseboat the activity of meeting membership buying, send different membership year according to villatic price, the member qualification with the longest it is reported is lifetime.

July, shenzhen international yacht club holds water in Shekou peninsula city-state, buy membership of white whale membership not only OK and preferential choose peninsula city-state 2 period house, 200 thousand yuan still can be touched directly deduct the money that buy a house; If the membership that buys blue whale membership buys two criterion 400 thousand yuan all but instead house money. This activity also is equal to covert buy a room to send houseboat meeting membership.

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